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Sweet Citrus & Sage

Sweet Citrus & Sage

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This beautiful declaration candle makes the perfect addition to bring into your home or serve as a gift for a friend needing a loving reminder. Made with all natural soy wax, it has a warm exotic scent that will fill your home. You can even choose from the 3 declaration options we have available that will best fit your spiritual need and feed your soul. This full-bodied fragrance will make any small room or space feel warm, cozy, and intimate.

Infused with fragrance oils: Pinapple, Sage


We advise adhering to these recommendations for the longest, safest burn:

When used for the first time, burn for at least two hours, or until the surface is completely covered with liquid wax. This will make your candle last longer.

Trim the wick to 1/4 " tall before every burn to keep the wax clean and burning nicely.

Allow candle to melt to the edge of the vessel. This prevents future tunneling It is advised to put out the candle after it has been burning for four hours and let it cool for two hours. Before relighting, re-trim. Keep your candles away from bright interior illumination, such as spotlights, and areas where they will be exposed to direct sunlight. If candles are exposed to intense light for a lengthy amount of time, they may fade. When there is less than 1/2 inch of wax at the bottom of the jar, put out the candle and stop using it. Always keep the wax pool clean of wick and other trash.

Never clean wax drips from a glass holder with a knife or other sharp implement. If used again, it can chip, lose strength, or break the glass. If a candle frequently smokes, flickers, or the flame rises too high, put it out. Before relighting, allow the wick to cool, align, and be trimmed as directed. Before handling or moving candles, give them time to cool fully. Never leave a burning candle unattended A candle snuffer should always be used to put out a candle. Never use water because it could cause glass to crack or wax to spatter. Always carefully read and adhere to the usage and safety directions provided by the manufacturer.

Keep out of reach of pets and children.

Burn on a stable, heat-resistant surface away from flammable objects.


100% All Natural Vegan Soy Wax Premium Fragrance Lead-Free Cotton Paper Wicks Metal Flat Black lids on Clear and Pink Straight Sided Vessels & Stylish Bamboo Lid on Black Vessels

Burn Time: 40-50 Hours

Shipping & Processing

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Product Dimensions

Black Vessel: Ceramic vessel with matte finish, 10 oz, Height 3.75" (9.5 cm), inside diameter 3.25" (8.3 cm), Outside diameter 3.5" (8.9 cm)

Clear and Pink Iridescent Vessel: Glass vessel, 8.5 oz, Height: 3.5" +/-0.06" (8.9 cm +/-0.15 cm), Diameter 3.06" (7.8 cm)

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Spread the word to a friend, family member, or colleague about I Declare Co. & Wellness. We are not only a brand, but an emerging movement that is here to spread the goodness of the word of God and bring light to people across the globe.


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